“Art is anything you can get away with” …. for Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan
During the peak of contemporary art, art became something to go “against art” or “show society”. It was probably sparked by cubism beforehand. Look up Dada art or performance art, probably the most prominent in that period which was basically a school of artists who decided that they’d take ordinary objects and put it in a gallery to make it art purposely to show that it was art.

Though the statement might’ve been somewhat of a mock on art, but it was true and Warhol definitely embraced it.


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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I learned Spanish in school but unfortunately, though I can still read some, I’d not be able to write much!

    I’d like to suggest that one aspect of Dada is that it was one of those movements that come along periodically as a reaction against a status quo – a necessary ‘cleansing’ and ‘rebooting’. And creating a new way of refilling one’s well of images.



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